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“I love what I do, always have.  Every day, I feel like I'm helping people make decisions that will affect their lives and the lives of the people they love.   It's really a good feeling to know that I have had a part in helping people protect themselves.”
 - Ed Kafes

In 1967, Interstate Health Underwriters, Inc., a Baltimore-based insurance company started by Ed Kafes, President, was founded.  This year, the company celebrates its 45th year in the Insurance Industry servicing Maryland resident's health insurance needs.  

Ed and his specialized team at Interstate Health Underwriters, Inc. focus on helping educate people on their insurance choices.  “Insurance is changing constantly. The rules change, the language changes — it can be very confusing to someone who doesn't speak the lingo.” Ed explains.  Ed has always believed in educating first, selling later.  “People need to be comfortable with what they are purchasing, they need to know and fully understand their options and how their policies work, only then can they make the best decision for themselves and their family.  We help them do just that.”

Interstate Health Underwriters, Inc. specializes in medical and long term care insurance and offers the most affordable and comprehensive plans we believe in the Maryland market place for individuals and employer groups.  We can assist you in designing the proper plan for you, your family, or your firm.  For more information, Call Ed. at 410-484-2544 or toll-free at 1-800-345-2910.

  Insurance Services we provide

IHU has helped Md. Residents & businesses make good decisions regarding: medical ,both group & individual, Life & long term care insurance products.

The new health insurance law <Obamacare> is going to offer opportunity for some & the need for perseverance and creativity for others. We are very well equipped to assist in this regard.

  Individual medical insurance
  These products are available currently at reasonable cost because you have to be in relatively good heath to purchase them. They are available with various configurations such as deductibles, co-insurance, HMO's,PPO's, etc. from 5 or 6 different insurance companies. As of Jan. 1, 2014 there will be no health questions required to be insured under these plans, so it is expected that the rates will go up, however many people with moderate to low income will be eligible for a rebate from the Federal Government.
  The Maryland Health Insurance Plan is available to residents who have been turned down for health insurance and are not eligible for other health insurance plans or are being offered plans with restrictions for pre-existing conditions or offered plans with an extra cost to cover an existing problem. A number of options are available and there is a reduction in cost and deductible
  For those with a low household income. This plan is administered by Carefirst of Maryland and therefore Blue Choice and Blue Preferred doctors are in network for participants.
  Residents of Maryland have not had a problem covering pre-existing conditions for many years.
Small group medical insurance in Maryland is available for Businesses with 2- 50 employees, covers all pre-existing conditions as of the plans effective dates & therefore the rates are higher than the cost of individual medical plans that require good health to obtain.
  5 different insurance companies offer these plans in many different configurations. Those plans in effect before 1-1 2014 will not have to be changed into Obamacare approved plans till their yearly renewal after 1-1 2014.
Many small businesses are currently enrolling in partially self funded plans to save money and for some flexaibilty not available to fully insured plans under the coming Obamacare.
  The Affordable Care Act< Obamacare> becomes fully implemented this Jan 1st. individuals in Md. Will be able to purchase health plans through insurance professionals on the individual market and also through the Md. Health Insurance Exchange. Only through the Exchange will insurance rebates or tax credits be available. The Md Exchange is to become operational on 10-1-13 for plans effective 1-1 14 and will make it easier to compare plans and cost for same. There will be an open enrollment beginning this year on 10-01 2013 till 3-01 2014. This will be a yearly open enrollment & those residents that did not take advantage of this period will have to wait till the following Oct.1 with the exception of those with life changing events such as Cobra ending , divorce or death of a spouse, or birth of a child.
The small business are of the exchange is to become operational on 1-1 14 for plans to become effective on 3-1-14.
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  3635 Old Court Road | Baltimore, Maryland 21208 | 410-484-2544 | 1-800-345-2910