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Individual Health Insurance
Your budget, physicians of choice, and health conditions will all have a hand in deciding which type of plan is best for you. Let us use our 40 years experience in the Maryland Individual Health Insurance Market to help you decide what is the most affordable medical insurance with the most coverage while keeping your deductible and monthly health insurance payments affordable. Click here for a health insurance quote.
A type of managed care plan where access to care is controlled by a primary care doctor and coverage is limited to the approved medical services administered by a network of doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other providers included in the plan.  HMO's offer customers low co-payments, minimal paperwork, and coverage for many preventive-care and health improvement programs.  They can be the least expensive health plans available; however, they can also be the least flexible. 
A type of health care plan where physicians, all types of health care providers, and hospitals sign contracts with the PPO organization to provide care to its insured people. These medical providers accept the PPO payment schedule and guidelines for its managed medical care. All insured members pay a co-payment each time they receive medical care. 
In addition, each member will also have a yearly deductible to pay.
One advantage to having a PPO is that members can see out-of-network doctors without a referral; however it's important to note that deductibles for out-of-network services can be higher and the percentage the insurance company will pay may be lower.
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